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Wasps Away by The Buzz

Wasps Away by The Buzz

SKU: PCW1085
  • Two pack of imitation wasps nests to fool insects into thinking that the territory has already been claimed by enemy wasps, creating a wasp-free zone of up to 10 m
  • Humane wasp deterrent needs to be hung in plain sight in gardens or in garages and lofts to repel wasps from the area
  • Enjoy eating and drinking outside again, hang wasps away over outdoor tables, on an umbrella or parasol, tree, eaves or to protect play areas, take away on holiday or use when travelling
  • Wasp repellent creates no mess and is chemical-free with no dead insects to clear up, start hanging the imitation nest in early spring to deter wasps all year round
  • To use, simply pull open wasps away and puff out the material, using a balloon or similar for maximum effectiveness, this will achieve the full effect, accurately mimicking a wasps nest and deterring them

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