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The Big Cheese Ultra Power XL Rat Trap

The Big Cheese Ultra Power XL Rat Trap

SKU: PCW1243

The Ultra Power XL Rat Trap from The Big Cheese® is performance tested to ensure effective control of rats – just like the traps that professionals use. The XL Rat Trap is also 50% bigger and more powerful than other rat traps, making it ideal for use against “Super Rats” and roof rats. The trap is baited, ready-to-use and easy to set. Simply remove the bait cover then squeeze the trap with one hand to set – XL Rat Traps are guaranteed to kill rats, or your money back. Heavy infestations may require more traps. For best results when using more than one trap, place them 4-5 metres apart along walls and runways where rats are active.


  • Simple one-touch trap setting.
  • Baited and ready-to-use.
  • Trap clicks open for easy disposal and re-use.
  • Super-sized rat trap – 50% more powerful.

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