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The Big Cheese Ultra Power Electronic Mouse Killer

The Big Cheese Ultra Power Electronic Mouse Killer

SKU: PCW1202

The Ultra Power Electronic Mouse Killer from The Big Cheese® is an effective and humane way to catch and kill mice in indoor areas – like the professionals use. Ergonomic electrical plates sense when a mouse enters the trap, delivering a high-voltage charge that kills in seconds once the mouse is enclosed within the unit. The Electronic Mouse Killer is guaranteed to kill mice, or your money back. The semi-transparent lid makes it easy to identify a successful kill and the catch can be disposed of by simply opening the lid – no mess, no fuss and no need to touch the captured mouse. An internal micro-switch, together with built-in safety features makes this trap safe to use in areas around children and pets. Kills over 100 mice per set of batteries.


  • Kills 100+ mice per set of AA batteries (not included).
  • Quick, effective and humane.
  • Clean kill in seconds.
  • Semi-transparent window for quick and easy kill verification.
  • Low battery indicator.
  • Safe to use around children and pets.

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