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The Big Cheese Mouse Killer - 2 X 25g Sachets

The Big Cheese Mouse Killer - 2 X 25g Sachets

SKU: PCW1215

Ready-for-use bait for the control of mice in and around buildings. To be used in tamper resistant bait stations. Highly palatable chew-thru bait packs for use in and around buildings. Pre-measured and ready to place inside a bait station. No need to touch the bait. Advanced formula kills mice. With 50% less poison.* This advanced formula has been specially designed with the highest quality food materials, flavours and preservatives to create a highly palatable bait that kills rodents in just a few feeds. The Big Cheese® Home Choice range provides proven and effective control of rats and mice *using 50% less poison than previous formulations, making it the ideal choice for use in and around the home.


  • Pre-measured sachets - no bait handling required.
  • For indoor and outdoor use.
  • Contains Difenacoum.

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