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The Big Cheese Anti Mouse Lacquer - 300ml

The Big Cheese Anti Mouse Lacquer - 300ml

SKU: PCW1226

Anti Mouse Lacquer from The Big Cheese® contains a quick-dry formulation which forms a water-resistant protective film over the treated surface. Simply spray on the area under attack by rats or mice - rodents will be deterred from chewing or biting into the treated area. Contains a bittering agent and natural plant oils. Ideal for use in and around domestic and commercial properties, as well as on farms and other agricultural premises. Can be used to protect vehicles, including mobile homes and caravans, and machinery wherever rodent damage occurs.


  • Quick-dry formulation for surface treatment to deter rodent pests from chewing or biting treated areas
  • 6 months protection of treated areas prevents damage Indoor and outdoor use
  • Suitable for application to hard surfaces, including electric cabling
    and insulation
  • Contains peppermint oil, castor oil, with added bittering agent

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