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Defenders Wide-Fit Bird Spikes - 2 Metre Kit

Defenders Wide-Fit Bird Spikes - 2 Metre Kit

SKU: PCW1178

Polycarbonate Wide-Fit Bird Spikes from Defenders® are an easy-to-install bird repellent system that will protect homes and commercial premises alike. Suitable for all roosting sites, the dense pattern of protruding spikes make it impossible, in a safe and humane way, for birds to land.


  • Easy-to-install repeller spikes deter pigeons, gulls and starlings from roosts.
  • Fixes using supplied All-Weather Silicone Adhesive.
  • Wide spike angle protects any sill over 20cm.
  • UV stable - will not discolour or become brittle. Includes 15 year warranty.
  • Additional All-Weather Silicone Adhesive sold separately.

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