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Mink Cage from Pest-Stop

Mink Cage from Pest-Stop

SKU: PCW1038
  • High quality, robust, galvanised steel cage
  • Reliable trip-plate mechanism safety seals mink inside
  • Rust resistant and reusable
  • No assembly required, just set and go
  • Dimensions (mm): 762 (L) x 152 (W) x 140 (H)
  • Please Note:

    It is illegal to release captured grey squirrels, minks, or live foxes back into the wild.  It is also illegal to release a rabbit onto another persons property.  In each case, the captured animal should be humanely killed.  For further information, or if there is uncertainty  over the correct procedure for release, Contact DEFRA, the RSPCA, or a local vet.


    It is also illegal to use the Larsen Trap to catch other bird species.  It is very important to ensure that the decoy bird is fed and watered, provided with shelter and checked on a daily basis.

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