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Greenhouse Insect Catcher - 5 Traps

Greenhouse Insect Catcher - 5 Traps

SKU: PCW1139

Defenders® Greenhouse Insect Catchers attract and kill plant pests including greenfly, blackfly, whitefly and midges using aureola yellow adhesive traps. The traps are quick and easy to install and deliver effective control that will result in healthier plant growth and higher yields from greenhouse crops. For outdoor use, Defenders Outdoor Protector (STV013) is recommended to prevent accidental trapping of non-target species.


  • Irresistible aureola-yellow traps attract and kill greenhouse insects and pests.
  • Easy-peel backing for clean assembly.
  • Biodegradable - suitable for organic gardening.
  • UV-light resistant glue lasts up to 2 months in greenhouses.
  • Can be used in outdoors areas using the Insect Catcher Outdoor Protector (STV013).

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