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Defenders Floating Pond Protection Guard

Defenders Floating Pond Protection Guard

SKU: PCW1171

Defenders® Floating Pond Protection Guard provides an easy-to-assemble grid to float around the edge of a pond or pool to protect fish where they are more likely to be targeted by herons and other predators, such as cats. The thin, lightweight tiles provide more discreet protection than a net, remaining almost invisible until up close, offering effective 24/7 protection. Ideal for both rectangular and unusually-shaped ponds, the pieces can be cut with scissors where needed to eliminate gaps. The Pond Guard allows fish to continue feeding and be seen, and can be easily removed for cleaning and pond maintenance.


  • Protect your pond from herons and other predators with this subtle floating pond protector.
  • 20-piece set clip together to create a perimeter defence of approx. 4m or 1.6m2 area.
  • Includes connectors.
  • Grid pieces can easily be cut to shape as required.
  • Connect more packs together for larger areas.

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