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Bed Bug Killer Powder - 600ml

Bed Bug Killer Powder - 600ml

SKU: PCW1146

Bed Bug Killer Powder from Zero In® controls bed bugs at adult and juvenile life-stages, and will not leave any unpleasant smells around your home. The ready-to-use dustable powder is made from a naturally occurring ingredient and treats all mattresses and household furniture for immediate protection. Bed Bug Killer Powder has been specially designed to target cracks and crevices, using a unique dispenser system that delivers light and even applications straight from the bottle. Simply puff the powder treatment in and around areas where bed bugs and other crawling insects are active. Kills bed bugs and stops them coming back. Effective long-lasting control. Easy-flow puffer gets in cracks and crevices.


  • Effective protection against infestations for mattresses and all household furniture.
  • Advanced puffer pack for crack and crevice treatments.
  • Poison-free.
  • No unpleasant smells.
  • Contains Silicum Dioxide.

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