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3 Black cats

3 Black cats

SKU: PCW1155

3 Black Cats from Defenders® are life-like feline deterrents that can be used to protect lawns, garden ponds, vegetable patches, and flowerbeds from damage by nuisance animals and birds. Reflective glass eyes and the realistic silhouettes of different prowling and hunting cats will deter most unwelcome intruders from vulnerable garden areas. Mounting stakes and hang holes are provided so the units can be strategically positioned on fences or in trees, or simply staked out in the middle of lawns and flower beds. 3 Black Cats are durable and weather-resistant and may be left in the garden throughout the year.


  • Three lifelike silhouettes with light-reflective coloured glass eyes.
  • Sake out in lawns, flowerbeds, or optional fence mounting.
  • Durable powder-coated design for continuous outdoor use.
  • Ground spike and hanging hook supplied for flexible set-up options.
  • Decorative deterrents.
  • A4 sized (297x210mm).

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